We Are Jose TEDx

TEDx has become a new milestone for We Are Jose.

There are many other people suffering injustice because of Canada’s broad
definition of terrorism, and take a stage at TED and truly offer you
“An idea worth sharing.”But I can. And here is my idea:

Canada can do better! This country has a long history of welcoming
people from far off lands with open arms. This country has a strong
tradition of taking the side of just causes wherever they may be
around the world.

“Rwanda will never ever leave me. It’s in the pores of my body. My soul is in those hills, my spirit is with the spirits of all those people who were slaughtered and killed that I know of, and many that I didn’t know. …


TEDxVancouver 2011 | UBC Chan Centre

Jose Figueroa’s TEDx Espanol

Jose Figueroa’s TEDx English


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